Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pet Stores that Sell Puppiesl

The following is an email i received a few weeks ago about puppy mill pups and i am forwarding it to you in blog form.

I authorize you to forward the following italicized line along with my alert below:
This alert is from Ali's Animail/holistic pet tips: a FREE concise newsletter focusing on holistic tips and other info that will save you $$ and extend the lives of dogs & cats. Your pet friends can sign up by writing to and typing 'subscribe' in the subject line. Include city and state in the email for future special discounts on pet products and alerts for your area.>

A couple of months ago I received an email from Yvonne, a wonderful animal loving individual who gets the pet tips and also does alot for the animal rescue community. She told me she had gone into C& C Pet Food in Canoga Park (in the SFV) and she thought they were selling puppies underhandedly in their warehouse. There was no signage so I suggested she get some proof and perhaps alert people to the atrocities of puppy mills that happened to be shopping there by putting flyers or notes on their windshields. All this takes alot of time and effort and we all have to work to pay our bills.

Well today I am seething. What greedy bastards. C & C in C. Park now has a full page ad selling puppies in the PennySaver.
Today I am asking all of you to forward the hell out of this email and BOYCOTT this greedy store as well as PETEX on Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana.

For all animals~ Ali

thanks for being aware!

karen taylor