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San Fernando Valley listed in order of level!
scroll thru for all details, start dates, times, descriptions and locations!
Remember we are off most holidays and holiday weekends!
FOR INFORMATION ON CLASSES or to register call 818 996 3647
To preregister for a class go to


We only allow non-aggressive, healthy dogs to attend classes. Proof of vaccines are required in most cases. We encourage you to attend class with your whole family.  One owner should consistently come to the class with the dog to maintain consistency.  Once you have registered for a class, you must stay with that course to the end (switching to other classes is not permitted).  In case of emergency you may call to see if other arrangements can be made.  If you cannot attend a class, and another class cannot be found for you do a make up in a timely fashion, you may do so privately for a fee or forfeit the one class session.  The designated handler and dog must attend 75% of the beginning level class to achieve Freepeats.  If you do not achieve Freepeats but call ahead to make arrangements we can set up a half price Freepeat for you to reinstate your privilege.  We do not offer Freepeats at levels other than Beginning foundation level.  You must make a prior reservation to Freepeat, and bring your proof of payment and graduation certificate to class with you on the first day.  Minimum attendance is 4 of 6 sessions when Freepeating or there is a ½ price fee to reinstate.  Potential discounts are for joining our mail chimp mailing list, paying in cash or check via snail mail, or emailing PayPal payments for classes directly from your PayPal account to ours at  We do not offer any other discounts.  Look for special offers in our emails!  To join the email list click here:

March 13, 2016 at Tarzana Park Sunday 9-11am (AKC Star pup is only for our graduates) PLEASE EMAIL US IF YOU WILL ATTEND THE NEXT TESTING AT

For HEALTHY PUPS over 11 weeks, OK with ONLY 2 sets of vaccines, Bordetella and clear fecal test! (Floors and shoes are disinfected before class) Not a Freepeat class. Course material includes, but is not limited to, Starter behaviors with rewards (example: their name, Sit, Down, Come and not jumping up). How to accept a collar and leash, and be groomed (including nails, ears and teeth). Sights, sounds and surfaces confidence building exercises. Basic understanding of dog behavior through play. Being social with, and handled by, all types of humans. You are encouraged to come with the whole FAMILY!  Bring Grandparent to help with kids under 7!  Potty training, biting, nipping and chewing. Don’t wait!  For pups under 5 months only, unless they are approved by trainer. 6 months but extremely shy or small may be admitted.

THURSDAY thru SUNDAY classes are off 1/21 thru 24/16 trainers will be at Clicker Expo
1/10/16        Sunday        3:30 PM      Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Hotel - Instructor Katie
1/21/16        Thursday    5:00 PM       Northridge Pampered Pet Hotel - Instructor Bobby
1/25/16        Monday      6:30 PM       Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Hotel – Instructor Bobby
1/30/16        Saturday     9:00 AM      Northridge Pampered Pet Hotel - Instructor Pepsi

You gotta see Katie’s awesome puppy video!

THE MONTHLY Puppy Party (Donation only) at Pampered Pet Hotel (socializing for pups)
3:30PM 2/20/16 at Woodland Hills Pampered Pet with Katie -for healthy pups under 5.5 months
4:30PM 2/20/16 at Woodland Hills Pampered Pet with Katie -pups over 5.5 months and under one year
If you are planning to attend, you must have an invite and pups must be healthy with clear fecal test, flea free, no diarrhea and at least two sets of distemper/parvo vaccines plus Bordetella!
NEXT ONE will be on Saturday at Pampered Pet Woodland Hills 2/20/15!
Please email for an invite at or call 818 996 3647 for more information! If you would like to have a party at your place, email us at!

(6 WEEKS $199) *FREEPEAT FOR LIFE AND FREE AKC STAR PUPPY TESTING UNDER 1 YEAR! 1 hour per week - we are off most holidays and holiday weekends. Space limit: 6-8 new dogs depending on the size of the area where we are training.  At this level we cover sit, lay down, stay, loose leash walking, greeting people on all fours(not jumping), leave-it, waiting at gates and doorways, come when called, social obedience (working with distractions).  Your dog will learn to obey on leash in public, just where you need it!  Students will learn how to train with a clicker or a "marker word" at this level, and how to fade rewards and markers at completion of training. These techniques will be used throughout all our courses...if you already have all the skills listed above you may register for other levels of our classes without taking beginning!
*FREEPEATS: Free repeats for life with a signed certificate of completion (you must make up classes missed) THURSDAY thru SUNDAY classes are off 1/21 thru 24/16 trainers will be at Clicker Expo
1/10/16        Sunday        4:45 PM      Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Hotel – Instructor Katie
1/16/16        Saturday     9:45 AM      Tarzana Park - Instructor Babett
1/20/16        Wednesday 7:30 PM      Northridge Pampered Pet Hotel - Instructor Pepsi
1/25/16        Monday      9:00 AM      W. Van Nuys, Jesse Owens Mini Park - w/Pepsi
 ***Kid’s at school, Monday off, or retired…this one is for you***
1/25/16           Monday      7:45 PM      Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Hotel – Instructor Bobby
1/30/16        Saturday     11:30 AM    Northridge Pampered Pet Hotel - Instructor Pepsi


(Each level is $125 - 1 hour per, for 6 weeks) If you have completed Beginning obedience you can start the “Tricks” track of classes!  Find out which TRICKS your dog is good at!  You must take these courses in order because they build on one another.  They usually continue on the same day and time until the students decide to stop!  None are Freepeat classes!
YouTube tricks video for those of you interested

Paw, High Five, Wave, Crawl, Left and Right Spin, Bow, Roll Over, Sad Puppy, Don’t look, Leg weave, Stick ‘um up, and Play Dead… find which ones you
1/7/16          Thursday    7:45PM       Woodland Hills Pampered Pet - Instructor Katie

The following levels consist of:
Paws on a box, Say your prayers, Wipe your paws, Bark/howl, Frisk the pup, Turn on/off lights, get into your crate and close it, sneeze, ride a skateboard, close the door, give me a tissue or your leash, pick up your toys, name your toys, etc.

1/10/16        Sunday        2:15 PM      Woodland Hills Pampered Pet - Instructor Katie

Tricks level -ONGOING…
who knows now…we will just call it ”continuing”
1/7/16          Thursday    6:30PM       Woodland Hills Pampered Pet - Instructor Katie


We have revamped our Intermediate level course to incorporate some of our old “Lifeskills” class material, Heel on the left, and some of our CGC class material!  Some students were either not prepared enough to pass CGC, or not fully proficient at their beginning level skills.  To that end we had a trainer meeting to create a true mid-level course to truly prepare you for “Lifeskills,” CGC and CGC –A level classes!   I think you will be pleased with the result!

(6 WEEKS $139) Must have Beginning Level Obedience already – (Not a Freepeat class but pre-arranged half price repeats are available when required) 1 hour per week - we are off most holidays and holiday weekends. Space limit: 6-8 new dogs depending on the size of the area where we are training.  At this level we cover the next level of training, in particular dealing with new distraction levels.  Focus & paying attention.  How to make sure your dog can do behaviors without rewards in your hand.  Review all Beginning level commands with lots more duration, distraction and distance, particularly Stay (especially go to your “bed” or “mat”), and Come. Weaning off using rewards and clickers all together for certain distraction levels.  Stop your dog from pulling you to sniff stuff, people or dogs.  Being able to be touched by or be left with a stranger without getting over excited.  Go to Heel position.  Intro to Heel Walking (on your left), Greeting people without leaving your side or jumping up.  Being able to handle loud noises or a bicycle passing, walking around other dogs and students!  Then, one class will be an “out and about” class!  After 6 weeks you will be issued a certificate which you will need for Advanced level courses.
THURSDAY thru SUNDAY classes are off 1/21 thru 24/16 trainers will be at Clicker Expo
1/10/2016     Sunday        6:00 PM      Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Hotel – Instructor Katie
1/20/16        Wednesday 6:15 PM      Northridge Pampered Pet Hotel-Instructor Pepsi
1/25/16        Monday      10:30 AM    West Van Nuys, Jesse Owens Mini Park -Instructor Pepsi
1/30/2016     Saturday     10:15 AM    Northridge Pampered Pet Hotel – Instructor Pepsi
TBD       Saturday     8:30 AM      Tarzana Park - Instructor Babett

Specialty courses you can take after Intermediate level:

(AKC Canine Good Citizen & Community Canine)
(6 weeks $139, INCLUDES TESTING FEES- but no longer freepeat)
If you and your dog are headed for Therapy work or to get started off leash…this is for you!
OUTDOOR, On-going (go to for more details)
THURSDAY thru SUNDAY classes are off 1/21 thru 24/16 trainers will be at Clicker Expo
1/12/16                  Tuesday      6:45 PM      Balboa Sports Center, Encino, CA- Instructor Katie

($99 1 hour per for 4 weeks!)
(This class is for high energy or easily distracted dogs, great for agility dogs)
 2/1/16       Tuesday      7:45 PM      Balboa Park Encino - Instructor Katie or Go to, click “Preregister,” fill out the form or call 818 996 3647

Fun agility: ($129, 1 hour per week, for 6 weeks)
If you have completed Beginning obedience and want to learn some basic agility obstacles, how to run a course, and have loads of off leash fun… this is for you!  Not a Freepeat class
1/31/16        Sunday           7:30 PM    Woodland Hills Pampered Pet - Instructor Katie

ADVANCED class (out and about Lifeskills)!
Lifeskills for Advanced dogs 
Is your dog great everywhere but outside of your home…this is for you, management skills you cannot live without!   1 hour per week for 6 Week Course - $129 TBD

1/21/16        Thursday    6:30 PM     Northridge Pampered Pet – Instructor Bobby


Class dates to be determined below:

AKC RALLY OBEDIENCE (6 weeks $129) OUTDOOR Ongoing
TBD 2016    Tuesday      6:45 PM      Balboa Sports Center, Encino, CA- Instructor Katie
Learn the signs and perform them skillfully!  Great practice for those who want to compete, and those who already are, but aren’t quite there yet!  This class is designed to incorporate those just started on Rally and those who need a practicing forum and know the signs!  Mock courses set up!
Call 818 996 3647 or Go to, click “Preregister,” fill out the form

(6 weeks $129) Thursday or Sunday depending on demand
You must have completed private training for your reactive dog and be recommended to this class by your trainer           Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Hotel           - Instructor Katie
This class is for “reactive” dogs…not aggressive dogs. 
Your dog must be able to sit, down, stay, come, leave-it, loose leash walk, no jumping, and heeling with distractions to join this group (intermediate level training completed), or have permission from one of our trainers, to join the Growly class.  Understanding of how to use a clicker (or marker) is also required.  Usually this class is a culmination of private training to deal with reactivity issues.
Great class for REACTIVE dogs to socialize under control of their owners (not off leash), with similar dogs in a group! These dogs must have completed Intro to growly or worked on issues privately with an approved trainer AND must have minimum of intermediate level obedience!
Call 818 996 3647 or email if you have questions about classes.

For outdoor classes, IN CASE OF RAIN YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OF CANCELLATION ONE HOUR BEFORE CLASS, or you can call us, AND WE WILL POSTPONE A WEEK… we don’t worry about misting rain :-)


***FREEPEATS:  Remember that Beginner (and Intermediate prior to 1/1/15) level(s) are Freepeat for life!  To maintain the privilege you must have 75% attendance, even If you are repeating the course.  However, if you do need to drop due to unforeseen circumstances, AND YOU CALL OR EMAIL TO LET US KNOW, it is only half price to rejoin!  (See Know the Rules in the yellow folder, it is also spelled out in the training contract and on our website).  If you cannot make a class you can always do a private make up for a fee, or join another group running at the same time as yours…. Or forfeit the class you miss.

Just FYI, we used to be based in Karen’s home in Reseda. We still have 3 trainers in the San Fernando Valley, and our mailing address is West Van Nuys.

  Karen has moved to Oxnard but commutes the to the valley 3-4 days a week !

Our trainers are:
Bobby – Playa del Rey in the Valley 2-3 days a week, Pepsi – Pacoima, Babett – North Hills, and Katie – Woodland Hills!  If you need us, we are there!  We look forward to serving you!

REMEMBER, WE DO PRIVATE SESSIONS IN THE SAN FERNANDO VALLEY AND VENTURA, OXNARD and CAMARILLO FOR EVERYTHING from A to Z concerning dog training, agility, AKC rally, therapy dog, confirmation, obedience, aggression, behavior modification, destruction, POTTY TRAINING and other Puppy issues, FEAR, AGGRESSION Problems, OBEDIENCE issues, Separation Anxiety, Social Skills with people and dogs, off leash training, obsessive compulsive behavior, barking, fear, jumping, you name it …. Please ask for a full price list (prices as low as 70 per session, up to $120)

Have one of our specialists help you using the latest positive reinforcement training methods available, without needing to always have treats!  Call us and discover the possibilities.

BOARDING AND TRAINING IS AVAILABLE FOR PUPS who are too young to board at Pampered Pet and for dogs boarding at Pampered Pet Hotel!  All Packages start at $850 for one week… can do as many as 5 weeks.  We also do socialization training at PAMPERED PET HOTEL for proper candidates who need a little extra help, to get into daycare for only $65.  We are available at other facilities as well, with permission from the facility, on request!
Remember, it is difficult at best to deal with Potty training and Aggression while boarding so let’s discuss the other options!

Obediently yours... all the best in 2016,

Karen Reardon Taylor, CPDT-KA, Owner
Trainer and Behavior Counselor
Professional Charter Member or the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Member of the American Humane Association
American Kennel Club Community Canine, Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluator
Member Valley Hills Obedience Club
West Van Nuys, CA
Office phone 818 996 3647
Personal Cell 818 720 3647
Fax 818 996 0422 (you must call first)
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