Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Southern Pacific rattlesnakes not rattling a warning... this could not be located on snopes so i could not verify authenticity

From Trina Began – reports to Trina have shown that the snakes are not rattling before striking, so please be careful of yourself and animals. Keep on paths and do not allow animals to stick their noses into brush or holes.
Subject: Important: Southern Pacific rattlesnakes
Please note:
A dog was recently bitten in Garner Valley by a Southern Pacific rattlesnake. The treating veterinarian noted that the venom was neurotoxic and insisted that the snake had been a Mojave Green. The dog's owner, however, has a degree in herpetology and knew positively that the bite came from a Southern Pacific rattler.

The dog developed none of the symptoms associated with hemotoxins; there was no swelling at all. Despite the injection of three vials of antivenom, the dog died.

The dominant species in the San Jacinto Mts (above the pinyon line) is the Southern Pacific. A recent study detected neurotoxins in a 25% of 25 samples. It has also been noted that the species seldom rattles. I have personally removed four Southern Pacific rattlesnakes from my property in recent years; not a single one sounded the characteristic warning rattle.

These developments indicate that the Southern Pacific rattler is far more dangerous than previously thought. The bite is becoming "supertoxic".

George Service

silly dog trainer joke

it's just a joke email i got but i couldnt resist sharing..
Pavlov: we fed the chicken on the opposite side of the road each day at 4p.m. until the chicken's autonomic system actually began causing the chicken to cross the road at 4 p.m. without even questioning the "why"
B.F. Skinner: on prior occasions when the chicken voluntarily crossed theroad, this behavior was followed immediately by a reinforcing consequence.
Cesar Milan: I bullied, chased, poked, and intimidated the chicken until it raced across the road, because I am a strong leader©
Barbara Woodhouse: You just say, "Walkies" with the right accent and place a crumpet on the other side of the road©
Karen Pryor: by associating R+ with road crossing and P+ with standing still, with a VR schedule, and offering a reward in keeping with the Premack principle, we increased the intensity and frequency of the road crossing behavior.
Bill Koehler: a few well-timed pops on the choke chain and the chicken was happy to cross the road.
Nicholas Dodman: I gave the chicken fluoxetine, sertraline, paroxetine,carbamazepine, and azapirone and then it was happy to cross the road.
Patti Ruzzo: I crossed the road, pausing every step to spit a treat out of my mouth like a human pez dispenser and the chicken followed along catching the treats.Electric Collar Advocate: whenever the chicken does not cross the road I give it an electric shock. But do not worry, the shock is no more than you would feel if you walked on a carpet wearing socks and it does not bother the chicken at all. The feathers standing up and the smell of burning flesh mean nothing. In fact, they are happier having nice clear communication than they would be otherwise.
Yuppie: chickens are just like little people in feather jackets, and if you love them and give them diamonds and feel sorry for them all the time,they will be happy to cross the road for you.
Paris Hilton: Because I put it in a Gucci bag and carried it.
Shelter director: Any chickens that do not cross the road will be euthanized for their own good, and the others we will "adopt" out tomorrow for only $200 each. Please send us money so we can keep doing more of this important work!
HSUS member: I do not know anything about animals, I have never been around animals and am not really fond of animals, but we passed a law mandating that chickens be kept without cages because animals belong only in the wild and cannot be happy coexisting with man, so now they are walking wherever they want.
PETA member: chickens have the right to live in world without roads. Any chicken that lives within a hundred miles of a road is suffering an inhumane existence and might eventually be hit by a car so we should kill it todayto ensure that it does not die tomorrow