Saturday, September 17, 2016

Growly Class is Back at Woodland Hills starting next week $129 for 6 weeks! There is an introductory class scheduled for 9/22 at 7:30 for $50 to help you prep if your dog already has obedience training and is reactive to other dogs a bit! The 6 weeks will begin on 9/29 at Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Hotel on Thursday night at 7:45pm! Please contact us at 818 996 3647 for details... if you have been working on aggression issues privately with your trainer, and it is going really well at home, it may be time to step it up with a group class! Details can be found on our website at Northridge Tricks level 2 class is on 9/22 at 6:30pm with Pepsi $125 and Intermediate (foundation level 2) is on 9/22 at 7:45! $139 All the details can be found on our website at or call the office at 818 996 3647 ALISON"S TARZANA PARK BEGINNER LEVEL COURSE IS NOW FULL...and we have postponed her Intermediate level course! Don't forget the PUP PARTY SATURDAY 9/17 in Woodland Hills...INVITE REQUIRED!! Freepeat: I am sad to say.. the end of 2016 will bring the end of our Beginning Free-repeat for life privilege! :-( BUT... the good news is... class fees will be only $159.00 for Beginning level, AND if you do want to repeat, it is only half price, so it is a WIN/WIN for all! Don't worry, those who have earned their freepeats by attending 5 of the 6 classes of Beginning Level Obedience, will still have the Beginning (and a few Intermediate prior to 2014) Free-peat privilege, as long as they wish to maintain it with 5 of 6 attendance, for the life of their wonderful dogs...and you can still reup for 1/2 price if you drop or leave for any reason...just as always. Puppy Class: We are changing the format of our pup classes... and ending the puppy parties in 2017! We will offer four week groups starting the first week of each month. One for younger, shy or smaller pups... and another for older, larger, more exuberant, pups! These groups will alternate location monthly and start the first week for 4 weeks. For example: we will have a weekend option for each age groups, and a week night option for each age group. We hope those of you with the older pups will continue to socialize them at daycare! This will give all the pups more social opportunities, and they will still take place at Pampered Pet Hotels Northridge and Woodland Hills. Northridge Pampered Pet Hotel Thursday 9/22 6:30 pm TRICKS LEVEL 2 $125.00 Buy Now Northridge Pampered Pet Hotel Intermediate Obedience Thursday, 9/22/16, 7:45PM $139 Buy Now Request Invite for Puppy Party Saturday, 9/17/16, Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Donation Only to Trainer ($10-15 Recommended) Buy Now