Monday, October 3, 2011

obedience and rally trial!

Pasanita Obedience Club will be holding their annual Obedience and Rally Trial at Brookside Park in Pasadena on Sunday, October 30. Entries close on Wednesday, October 12. Sharon Licciardi is their Trial Secretary. They have beautiful trophies and a great raffle planned. Lunch will be available for purchase. Please get the word out to your friends. I've attached the premium list to this e-mail.


Will be taking place in San Diego from October 12th thru the 16th, if you are really interested in dog training or becoming a trainer this is right up your alley! Be there or be square! Get the details at the APDT website but hurry you must register by Friday 9/30 go to to do so.


At Burbank/ North Hollywood location is scheduled to begin on October 30th at Noon at the North Hollywood/Burbank location! Now offered at MBFO, one of our newest trainers, Jody, at the helm. She has loads of experience and can't wait for you to join up! This is obedience made fun! if you are looking to compete in obedience but don't like the drudgery of the usual practicing for obedience competition events and you want to be able to praise your dog during competition.this may be for you.Get all the details at


Jody will also be teaching an Intermediate/CGC obedience course in the East section of the SFV right after Bobby's Beginning course. at 10:30 am.if you've been waiting, here it is! Starting on Sunday, 10/30 . look at for details!


If you have scheduled a private session and I did not show up.(it only happened once that I know of). I am blaming GOOGLE! Yes, I have been trying to automate and use an electronic calendar that allows me to schedule on my phone and on line! It also allows you to see my availability and while there are some glitches it does seem to work for the most part so I am trying to get past the learning curve. please be patient and if I am not there when I am supposed to be call or email ahead just to confirm and I am trying to do the same!

FOCUS ON AGILITY (obedience class teaching focus for the agility bound)

currently has no registrants, so we aren't planning to be there on Monday night. let us know if you are coming otherwise we will cancel this go round and see you in November on Tuesday night the 8th at 7:15! Make sure you register in advance. see the registration info at


This Sunday 9/25 at 4 pm. email me at for an invitation (only for healthy pups under 6 months to play and learn).


This Sunday 9/25 from 9 am - 11 am at Tarzana Park! No reservation
necessary, first come first served! You must bring your graduation certificate if you are a graduate entitled to free testing (you can also call the office for an emailed facsimile) or pay a $20 fee .. yes, I misquoted the fee last time. it is now $20 for non-graduates.

Dog Show Tour OCTOBER 1ST

Ever wanted to go "backstage" at a dog show and see in person some of the unique looking dogs you've seen on TV? Curious about some of the various sports open to you and your dog? Looking for a fun and educational outing for you and your kids? Oct 1 and 2, at L.A. Valley College, 5800 Fulton Avenue in Van Nuys, the Burbank Kennel Club will be holding their annual dog show and My Best Friend Obedience Trainer Jody Davidson has offered to lead a group around the show. Jody has shown dogs for more than 40 years and was an AKC Judge. She'll be exhibiting a Clumber Spaniel at the show. She has promised visits to the grooming areas, some question and answer time with a Professional Handler, a full explanation of how dogs are judged as well as stops at the many vendors of dog food, toys, treats and equipment where great bargains can be found. This program is FREE OF CHARGE to current and former MBFO clients. Interested? Feel free to e-mail Jody at for more details.


are starting in October which is now just a few weeks away!

We just started our Monday daytime class at 10 am, which will be at Jesse Owens Park in West van nuys. We have a wonderful group of all pups (by the old TAMS PET FOOD, yes they are moving to TAMPA and VANOWEN.make sure to go over and visit after 10/1 or hit the store now for moving sales)!

The Wednesday night NORTHRIDGE PARK CLASS will happen on 10/5 with beginning level class at 7:30 pm, and maybe a 6:20 pm intermediate, if you get your registrations in soon. Beginning class is already filling up . we will not have class on 10/12 because I will be at the APDT conference

The SATURDAY class at Tarzana Park will have all three levels of training (beginning 9:45 am, intermediate 8:30 am and advanced at 11 am) starting on
10/22 . these classes are already filling up as well!

The Sunday classes in our North Hollywood/Burbank location will begin on
10/23 starting with Bobby's beginning at 9 am, followed by Jody's intermediate at 10:30 am, and Rally Obedience at Noon!

GET Registration information by logging onto lets get training. see you soon.