Thursday, October 20, 2016

COMING UP THIS WEEK! New class for ADVANCED OBEDIENCE at 12:45pm in Northridge at the Pampered Pet hotel! If your dog has completed an Intermediate level of obedience and you want to prepare for AKC Canine Good Citizen testing (1st step prep for Therapy work) or AKC Citizen Canine Testing, (level 2 prep for Therapy work) or you just want to work toward your dog being off leash, this is the class for you!!! Working without rewards in hand! Dogs walk, or come, past your dog while in a stay lots of heeling with distraction Not jumping not matter what Grooming by a stranger Approach a person and dog and remain by your side Distance Stays with distractions Where your dog should be when in public Come with distractions Prepare for staying out of sight with a stranger (harder than it seems) Walk thru a crowd without dog visiting people or dogs Building confidence and Body awareness thru event marker training Mock tests and MORE